The Successful Failure: A message to Latinx adult children

#awakening #feminineenergy #latinashealing Sep 07, 2019
Hola everyone,
I know it's been a while since I blogged but I just didn't want to write, simply for the sake of writing. I prefer to be inspired by an event, an experience, or an idea before I sit down to create a blog post.
Well, such an event occurred and I wanted to share it with you all. We are doing things a bit different this time around. I recorded a video blog instead of writing out my message. And after you watch the video, you will understand why.
Some topics simply cannot be fully expressed in written words. Your tone of voice, your body language and the delivery -- should be able to fully articulate your emotions behind the subject matter. And with such a sensitive and important message, I wanted to do just that.
Let my voice be vulnerable. Show up and speak truths. Give honor to the people and stories that were a part of this message.
So here, it goes. Click on the link below and listen in to what it's like to be a Latinx adult child, out here making moves and achieving personal/professional goals; yet still being considered a failure by your cultural norms' standards. Maybe even, in the eyes of your own family.
Is this your experience? Click on the video link, and after listening to the message, share your story of what it's like to be considered a Successful Failure.

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