Spiritual Life Coach, Author, and Mother Wound Healing Conduit

Helping BIWOC/Latine womxn heal their Madre Wound. Sacred space holder, here to help unlock your feminine energy through connection to self, divine source, and the collective; for the rebirthing of the Warrior Woman within.

Hello, dear sister. Welcome to this sacred digital haven, my website. I am glad you are here and I trust that it’s because you and I were meant to connect.

My name is Michelle Gomez, and I am a spiritual life coach, author, mother wound healing conduit, wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. In years prior, I was mostly known as a very polished and successful business professional, keynote speaker, academic, and CEO of a career coaching firm. All was well, until I realized that with all of my accomplishments, I was still plagued with anger and sadness from the deep wounds I carried in my body, mind and spirit from my childhood. 

As a Latina, our culture has been slow to normalize mental health, open dialogue, and accountability for the way we raise our daughters. To question your childhood and call out the things that caused you pain, frustration, confusion or anger - was to be shut down as disrespectful. How dare we question our Mamas, right? But keeping quiet and pretending that I was fine - wasn’t helping. In fact, it led me to overwork, overcommit, overextend myself in the pursuit of acceptance from the world. And so, I attempted to heal in secret. During my healing path, I learned about the Mother Wound and how it affects women well into their adult years. I saw a lot of myself in what I read, learned, and processed. While I found a lot of contributors to the Mother Wound topic, and their offerings, I didn’t find a safe space for a Latina woman like myself, to go and heal this wound with the support of my fellow Latinx sisters. By 2019, all of the therapists, coaches, and contributors I had worked with or followed, were all non-Latinx. And so, I stepped up, shared my story and created the space that was needed in our community: Healed Hijas.

I bring with me 11 years of experience in my own healing journey, and also add the beauty of our culture, our ancestors, and all of divine source to support you through your own healing experience. To heal the mother wound is to find freedom, your own identity, and your own path to the version of your higher self: The Guerrera, The Warrior Woman within.

Embark on this journey with me.

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  Leti Mason

“I had never sought to work with a life coach before, to be honest, but the reason I decided to work with Michelle is because she’s a Latina and I felt she would understand my Latina upbringing and the challenges of that familia ideology. Michelle helped me finetune my strengths and she gave me tools to work through the things that get in the way of being completely and authentically ME. I’ve learned to listen to my body and the triggers that I get, allowing myself to grieve the things that no longer serve me and establish healthy boundaries around people. If you’ve ever considered working with a life coach, I’m here to tell you that this investment in yourself is very much worth it.”

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