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the Latina Mother Wound and the journey to healing your inner-niña

Michelle Gomez, Spiritual Life Coach and Curandera teaches you:

  • What the Latina Mother Wound is and how it shows up for adult daughters today
  • How to address the signs of Mother Wound traumas and honor that sweet, innocent Hija that needs to be re-born
  • Tips for reconstructing your inner-Mujer and shed the old skin of self-doubt, guilt and, shame 

Michelle Gomez has coached many women toward healing their inner-feminine with addressing traumas, mother wounds, and the cultural and inter-generational cycles that impact adult Latina daughters today. This e-book just experienced an upgrade with all new links to videos, podcast episodes and other resources to support you on your healing journey. 

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"Over the years, I have coached countless women from all backgrounds and walks of life. What I noticed in the Latina community, was a common pain among many of us - but never spoken about, out loud. 
The Latina Mother Wound is a very real experience for many of us, and without addressing and healing this pain, we simply cannot show up to life with the boldness, confidence, and beauty that is a natural part of who we are as women of color. It is time to heal, so that you can show up to your LIFE's purpose and vision of happiness; as well as open the doors for future generations of #HealedHijas thereafter."

Michelle Gomez, Latina Spiritual Life Coach
Founder and CEO, Michelle Gomez Coaching LLC.