Watch Our New Healed Hijas, Warrior Womxn Weekend Promo Video

#awakening #promovideo Jul 26, 2021
It's finally here! Something I've been working on for months and and I’m sharing it with YOU today. Check it out!
Would you take a necessary time-out for yourself, and come to one of our Healed Hijas Warrior Womxn Weekends? When women lose focus, it just means she's exhausted her energy. She needs to be held. She needs to be rocked back and forth. Nurtured. Loved. Nursed back to health so she can refocus her renewed energy back into the life she's creating for herself.
This is what the Warrior Womxn Weekend is all about, mija.
These are held in Southern CA, and will likely take place once a quarter. Check out the video below from our very first inaugural group hermanas.

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