"I value and appreciate Michelle's advice. I am happy to report that I have accepted a position with a great company! It is a management position and I am eager to get started. Her professional advice has me so excited for my future in this new role. I will forever be thankful and blessed to call you a lifetime friend and coach. Thank you for everything!

Missy Nielsen - Fayetteville, AR


"After losing my job of 25 years. I was pretty confused on what to do next. As you can imagine being in the same work place for 25 years, it limits your knowledge of the current job market. My wife came across Michelle's program and suggested it to me. I have always been a skeptic of self improvement or counseling programs so I didn't give it too much thought initially, however after realizing I did not know what to do next I reluctantly agreed to join the program and reached out to Michelle.


I found Michelle to be extremely pleasant and I got a sense of honesty and genuine interest to improve my situation. I joined the program and I truly believe it's the best decision I could have made under the circumstances. Having one on one weekly conversations with Michelle really helped me process the loss of employment and helped me navigate though the confusion of "what's next". She helped me build my confidence and reinforced some of my thoughts and feelings that I was on the fence about. I now feel that I have a clear vision of where I want to go and realize that it's ok to want more for yourself.


I appreciate the time we spent and I would definitely without hesitation recommend this program but more importantly Michelle to anyone else in a similar situation."

Erick Osorio - Fontana, CA


"I was having some challenges in building clientele and meeting my personal sales goals. I met with Michelle and she was able to quickly identify the problem as well as give me great advice on how to yield better results. Prior to our meeting I viewed prospects as a number to get a sale and my sole focus was selling the individual. After receiving Michelle’s advice, I changed my perspective as well as my method and took a more personal approach in building authentic relationships. Since then, I have been able to build successful business relationships, my sales has increased and I’ve been able to receive more referrals. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone in need of additional coaching to help further accomplish their personal goals and/or business objectives."

Chris Bowman - Beaumont, CA