Survival Tips Working from home during COVID-19: The Morning POWER HOUR Routine

So, today is a Monday. I don't know about you, but today I needed an extra hour of sleep. After hearing the news last night about the President extending the stay at home orders to April 30, 2020; I needed to sit with that just a little longer this morning. While I figured that Easter Sunday wasn't going to happen, it still hit me that we still have another 30-days of this social distancing and isolation from family & friends.

So, now more than ever, I wanted to share with you how establishing a morning routine can truly help ground your thoughts, practice gratitude, and set the intention for your day. While many people have discussed the important of the POWER HOUR as means for success, I also feel it's an important spiritual and emotional practice for overall well-being.

To start, let's keep it simple. The top 3 practices I recommend as a coach are:

1) Mindfulness - whether through prayer or meditation (or both)

2) Journaling - to write down 5 things you're grateful for, reflect on your thoughts, and plan out your day

3) Move your body - stretching, yoga, a short walk, or an at-home work out video

I have found that these 3 practices above have been very helpful for me in my own journey, and many of my clients echo the same sentiment. If you're new to establishing a morning route, don't worry. This doesn't have to take an hour! Just give yourself 15-20 minutes to start:

  • 5-minute guided meditation or prayer

  • 5-minutes to journal

  • 5-minutes to stretch, do a short yoga practice or take a 10-minute walk around the block

The point is, to start your day with intention, grounding, peace and gratitude for wherever you are in life today. It's a simple practice, but it's also very effective for changing your mood, boosting energy, and clearing your mind of all the noise and worries of the day before you get started on your to-do list.

Which of these tips makes the most impact for you?

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