Making the Most Out of Your Home-Office Work

Many of you are working remotely for the first time in your careers. Some of you have had some flexibility in having a laptop to follow you from the office back to the house. However, now many of you are working from home full-time in response to the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. I have been working remotely for 5 years now and wanted to share some tips to making your work-from-home period both productive and balanced.

Here are some of the most useful tips that have helped me get my to-do list done, while connecting with the team and clients, as well as taking care of myself and my family.

1) Set work hours - discipline is the name of the game, and so it's important that you setup work hours that will allow for some morning 'quiet time' for yourself and holds you accountable to close that laptop at a certain time. Otherwise, you may just stay logged on for hours into the night, answering emails and taking phone calls.

2) Set-up a work space - if you don't have a home office with a room that's designated for work functions, consider a corner spot in the den, a bedroom or even turning your kitchen table into a temporary office. The point of this is to keep all your necessary materials handy and in one location at a time, rather than spread out your work throughout different places in your home. If you don't designate a work space, you may find yourself constantly thinking about and doing work functions in areas that are designated for private and personal things.

3) Comfy yet presentable - I know it's easy to sit in your yoga pants or pajamas all day long, but I would recommend leaving this practice to Mondays only. As for the rest of the work-week, take a few minutes to change into comfortable-yet-presentable attire, comb your hair and maybe throw on a bit of make-up (for you ladies). You will love how much better you feel after you've taken some time to get yourself together.

4) Take breaks - schedule 15-minute breaks in the morning and in the afternoon. Use this break period to get a fresh cup of coffee, go outside for some fresh air, glance at a magazine...whatever you find enjoyable...but the point is to step away from the designated work space and focus on sometime other than your to-do list. There are effective practices to avoid work-from-home burnout. You CAN be disciplined and effective in your work, without becoming a slave to your phone and email inbox.

If you're currently LOOKING FOR remote work, here is a short list of companies that are fully virtual and are currently hiring for remote jobs to be filled:

Which of these tips would impact your work-from-home experience the most? Would love to hear back from you to get your insight.

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