Why Do You Stay?

Who do you stay in a job that you've outgrown? Many women fall into this trap of feeling that they aren't being fully appreciated, properly compensated, or just downright 'unfulfilled' in their current roles.

Let's face it! As a strong, intelligent woman, you can talk yourself into (our out of) pretty much anything, right? You do it all of the time with things like food choices, saying yes or no to social events, how you spend your money, and an array of other scenarios where your decision-making is highly based on the current need or desire. We all do it. No judgment here. But today, I wanted to focus on why we do it at work. Why do you stay in a job where you feel unfulfilled and unappreciated? Let's explore a few of the possible reasons together.

#1) Fear

Fear keeps many women silent and unwilling to enforce the need for change. You are worried that there aren't opportunities out there for you, or that you are unqualified for the type of work that you'd like to do. Fear of rejection is also a significant deterrent of growth. What if I don't get selected to interview? What if they don't like me? What if I'm just not cut out for this type of work? What if I'm not good enough?

#2) Jeopardizing Your Livelihood

As working moms, we have an obligation to provide for our families. You have so much to consider when deciding if a job change is a good idea. You have concerns about whether a job change could impact your current earnings in a negative way. What if other jobs out there aren't going to pay me as much as I'm earning now? As if that wasn't difficult enough, you also struggle with the guilt of being perceived as selfish for stepping out and into the unknown and possibly jeopardizing your sense of financial security. Mom Guilt is REAL! I get it.

#3) Lack of Support

One very important, yet difficult, lesson that women face whenever they are seeking to do more or better for themselves, is the lack of support that they encounter on the way up. This can show up in many forms: an un-supportive spouse who doesn't get why you want more, parents who don't understand why you would jeopardize what you have now, friends who don't understand your goals, and colleagues who view your ambition as a threat. This is a painful reality that keeps many women STUCK in complacency, so that you don't make others uncomfortable. It would be amazing if everyone could cheer you on, celebrate you as you put yourself out there, and lend their support to you every step of the way -- but the truth is, that is not always the case. You see, as you start to challenge yourself and advocate for worth, it tends to awaken feelings of inadequacy and complacency in others. While these people may love you, they just don't get you.

Do these three realities above sound familiar to you? If so, I'm not surprised. These fears, concerns, and empty spaces can turn even the most talented woman, into a stagnant, frustrated and unhappy employee -- but that doesn't have to be YOU.

As a career coach, my goal is to fulfill these areas of concern with tangible results that will give you the confidence to make that LEAP into your next promotion or career transition. Here's how:

FEAR - My program will help you develop the mindset of a successful person, so that things like fear, uncertainty, failure, and rejection, won't STOP you in your tracks, but are merely a speed bump on your journey toward reaching your goals. My motto is that every failure, is a teachable moment that can be used to make you better, stronger and wiser. I will show you how.

JEOPARDIZING YOUR LIVELIHOOD - My clients learn the most effective way to land their next role, while negotiating a higher salary, designing a work/life balance to fit their family needs, and how to gracefully exit one role (or company) and enter the next one with full assurance that this was the right decision for you. It starts with having an actual job offer, in-hand! Nothing helps boost your confidence like knowing where you're going and how much your value will be appreciated in the next role.

LACK OF SUPPORT - You can keep your career change as discrete as you need to. In fact, I encourage my clients to keep their peace and lean on me as their coach to provide the support, encouragement and accountability in their transition. You don't need people second-guessing you, telling you about the obstacles or challenges that you will face, or putting their own fears and inadequacies onto you. Instead, working with me, you will receive consistent support as you process each step of the curriculum and start to become that woman who has just reached a new level of self-worth.

You don't have to stay in this job where you feel stagnant, bored, unappreciated, and dreading Mondays. Join my Career Catalyst online beta test group today and get the career kickstart resources that you'll need to overcome these challenges listed above.

Schedule a call with me this week and let's determine if you'd be a good fit for the program: https://calendly.com/michellegomezcoaching

Looking forward to chatting with you.


Michelle Gomez, The Latina Career Coach

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