Do you value your contribution? My conversation with Dr. Jason Brooks of the Leadership Podcast

October 29, 2018

Recently, I was a guest on the Leadership Podcast, with Dr. Jason Brooks. In our discussion, we addressed how to truly value what you bring to the table. By understanding your UCON (unique cocktail of needs) and how the Impostor Syndrome competencies that play out in your thought patterns; you can either limit your value or work through it and see its brilliance.


Have you had people compliment you for an job well done, but you don't feel like you TRULY deserved that compliment? Maybe it was because the task or project you just completed, didn't seem so difficult to you. This is what is known as your 'brilliance'. Here's what you MUST know about your brilliance; it's that very thing that seems ORDINARY to you, but is EXTRAORDINARY to others. Everyone has been gifted unique talents and abilities, but when the Impostor experience creeps in, it can prevent you from truly enjoying your success, appreciating the job well done, and accepting all of the wonderful accolades that come with it.


Here's what the Impostor experience can echo in your mind when it comes to a job well done:


"That wasn't that hard. Do I really deserve all of this recognition?"


"I spent 15 minutes on preparing that presentation. It was mediocre at best. Why does everyone else think it was amazing? I guess they aren't that smart."


"Clearly, they are just trying to butter me up. This project was too easy. Anyone could have done it."


Sound familiar? Well, you're not alone. Many times, Impostor Syndrome sufferers struggle to internalize their value and relay it to their daily contributions. It's almost like you cannot see all of the brilliance in YOU that the world sees. Why is that? Well, that's where the UCON assessment comes in handy, so that you can CALL A THING A THING! As Iyanla Vanzant says, "You cannot heal, what you cannot speak."


Yes, there are some tasks that will require extra effort on your behalf, and maybe even the need to partner up with someone who's expertise would benefit the outcome of the project; but that just means combining your brilliance with someone else's so you can make magic. 


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