My interview on The Golden Mic, with Marc Cordon

Most of you have been in front of hiring managers, interviewing for a job opportunity, right? It's nerve wracking. It's kind of uncomfortable, at first. You want to do a good job, and make a strong impression. Having been on previous employment interviews myself, and having mentored/coached others to prepare for their upcoming interviews; I've learned to be poised, level-headed and determined to negotiate. Welp!!! All that genius couldn't have prepared me for my interview on The Golden Mic with life coach and positive psychologist, Marc Cordon.

His energy was amazing! It was deliciously, overwhelming! As you can see by watching this interview, and my facial expressions, there is a genuine spontaneity and unpredictability in our conversation. There were moments of intense vulnerability, shared experiences, humor and engagement from his audience; but most importantly, valuable content about the Impostor Syndrome /Experience in society.

Which competency are you? Are you The Perfectionist? The Natural Genius? The Rugged Individualist? The Expert? Or, The Superwoman?

Listen in to this fun and energetic interview and get all the yummy content for your personal and professional development. To take your own Impostor Syndrome assessment and discover your UCON (unique cocktail of needs), submit your info on and enter keyword "ASSESSMENT" in the subject line.

Tackle your Impostor, and take charge of your career! Dare To Be Great!

Cheers to your success!!

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