Dream Job Interviewing: Hey girl, are you coming off too 'needy'?

If you're an ambitious, working mom/wife (like me), you can easily identify what your dream job or dream location to work in would be. You know the name of the brand, the firm, the location, and dream of what it would feel like to be in that role. The impressive title, the ability to be creative, to travel to fun places, the nice office, company car and, of course - the salary. While there was a time when you could spare personal freedom on working late hours, working on the weekends, and paying your dues to get ahead; it's different now. You are moms, wives, daughters and friends. You want to be able to thrive at work AND at home. You want to take care of yourself, too, because in order to take care of anyone or anything else - you must learn to take care of YOU, first.

Why is this all so important? Because your dream job could be just an interview away and if you show up desperate then you could be sabotaging your opportunity. Let me explain.

Interviewing is like dating. You've heard me say this before in my videos and FB LIVE's. When applying for a position, it's important that you are clear on your needs, list of non-negotiables, and prepared to ask the hard questions. Think about it. When you go on a blind date or you're getting to know someone, the inevitable tough questions eventually get asked.

When was your last relationship? Why did it end?

How long have you been single? Why?

Have you ever been unfaithful?

How do you prioritize your romantic relationships in your life?

What has been your biggest regret in love up until now?

What do all of your exes have in common?

If I were to call one of your exes, what feedback would I get?

These questions are meant to establish whether or not this person is trustworthy, ethical, mature and ready for the type of commitment you're looking for. It's the same with interviewing -- both sides get a chance to ask the difficult questions to see if this partnership is a good match. BUT, just because you're the interviewee doesn't mean you have to take what you get. Check your energy before walking through the door and understand that you have every right to qualify this opportunity just as much as they have the right to qualify you as a candidate. Yes, it's your dream job but it doesn't mean you want to sacrifice your family life or sense of wellness for it.

Phrases like, "I would do anything to get this job", or, "I really want to work here", can make you seem needy, desperate and WILLING to take whatever they give you. You want to activate your feminine energy, as the receiver of this equation. As a woman, you are the incubator, the maker, and the giver of life. You have the beautiful ability of taking nothing and turning it into something:

-Give us a house, we will make it a home.

-Give us ingredients, we will make you a meal.

-Give us a seed, we will give you a son/daughter.

BUT, sooooo many of us get in our own way by coming off desperate OR WORSE, taking on a super masculine energy that doesn't serve us. Either way, the person on the other side of the table is turned off by this approach. As a woman, you must learn to:

*recognize this feminine energy and it's power

*know when masculine energy should and should NOT be applied

*learn to balance the two to apply at your benefit

Join me in my private FB group, Dare To Be Great, where we will provide training on this matter during our weekly Thoughtful Thursday broadcasts at 7pm PST.

To join our group, go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/224488874989905/ and submit your add request. Please be sure to answer the three short questions in order to be approved.

You're a woman of purpose and worthy of living your dream. Just as you have a say-so on whether or not you will go on a second date, you also have a say-so on whether or not you're willing to accept this dream job on their terms. The name of the game is, negotiation. Don't miss out on this training, Thursday 8/2/18 at 7pm PST in our private FB group, Dare To Be Great.

See you there,


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