Return to Madre

 A daughter's sacred journey to reclaim her divinity, heart, and power.



Michelle Gomez
Spiritual Life Coach and Latina Mother Wound Healing Conduit, Founder of Healed Hijas

Date & Time

June 4, 2022
10:00 AM – 2:30 PM PST


Private location in Los Angeles, CA

About the Event

Welcome home. A return to the divine and nurturing love you always deserved. I see you. Your heart in your hand, hurt and broken, searching for the power to alchemize the mother wound into unconditional love for yourself. The source for your healing is already within you, above you, and below you.

We will journey through ceremonies that will open your heart to the divine love that you are. Cleanse limiting energies and stories through breath work. Expand your heart and feel the nourishing love from our one mother--our earth--through the medicine of cacao. Connect to the soul of your mother and feel the deep love she holds for you through a powerful meditation.


The Mother Wound 

You are here because the love you received from your mother was conditional and flawed. A common reason womxn struggle with self-worth and self-love is due to the lack of stable and nurturing love from their mothers. Have you felt like you didn't matter in the eyes of your mother? Or felt unsafe in the energy of the mother? Through generational, cultural, and colonialism wounds, BIPOC womxn have been deeply impacted by the mother wound. 

It was never your mother's intention to make you feel not enough or less than. Her soul sees the divine beauty that you truly are. Do you see it? Return to Madre is a journey, ceremony, and workshop for you to reclaim this love to feel accepted, whole, and empowered. 


Your Facilitators


Michelle Gomez 

Host, Spiritual Life Coach, Founder of Healed Hijas

Rita Oliveira Turner 

Cacao Ceremony Facilitator, Sound Healer, Yoga Teacher

Sofía Beltrán

Breathwork Facilitator


The Journey...


Community Altar Creation:

As a collective, we will create an offering of love to our inner little girls through our community altar. We will invoke divine support, our ancestors, angels, and guides to hold the container for us as we embark on the journey to heal and reclaim the feminine love. Guided by Michelle Gomez.


Mother-Soul Meditation:

A guided meditation to connect to your mother’s soul. Our mothers (in their carnal existence of this lifetime) may not have had the emotional, spiritual, or psychological ability to nurture, empower and protect us from harm during our formative years. Take this journey to connect to her deep, intuitive part of her – her soul. In this meditative state, you will gain understanding, support and connection with the healed version of your Mama and gain a sense of freedom, identity, and unconditional love that was your birthright, all along. Guided by Michelle Gomez.


Breathwork is a simple, powerful medicine experienced in our human vessel and fueled by universal life force itself, a profoundly transformative practice which allows us to fully connect with our bodies and feel our emotions in a safe container. During the practice the mind is allowed to quiet fully, sometimes for the first time in our lives, and the breath takes us on a healing journey where you will clear out physical and energetic stagnancies, blockages and false programs which are not authentically yours nor part of your inherently whole nature. In these freshly cleared spaces we can receive messages and support from our Higher/Future Self, our bright and well ancestors, and all other guides who support us in this lifetime and beyond. Breathwork serves as much-needed medicine and one of the most swift and powerful tools in reclaiming our sovereignty and authentic expression in life. Self-healing is only a few breaths away. Guided by Sofía Beltrán.

Cacao Ceremony:

Cacao carries the spirit of the Feminine, the abundant and generous love of the mother for her children. It also represents the energy of the underworld, the place of the womb.

As we gather to commune with the spirit and sacred plant medicine of Ix Cacao, we will join our open hearts and intentions through song, voice and prayer. A living offering so we may continuously be in right relationship with all Life and our Mother, the Earth. Guided by Rita Oliveira Turner. 

This is for you if.. 


~You are a BIPOC daughter, womxn, femme 

~You still feel like a lost little girl who has to look perfect on paper and keep it all together

~You have felt unsafe and unseen in the energy of your mother

~You are yearning to feel witnessed and held

~You have been negatively impacted by systems of oppression that affected the way you have been mothered 

~You feel emotionally stuck, resentful, and unable to move on because your mother wound has been unacknowledged for most of your life

~You desire a healthy connection to nurturing feminine energy

~You want to release the identity that has been passed down generationally 

~You desire to feel safe and empowered in your true vulnerable expression and experience


Tickets & Prices

Return to Madre Ticket

$333 USD

June 4, 2022
10:00 AM – 2:30 PM PST

Los Angeles, CA


Michelle Gomez 

Spiritual Life Coach, author, and Latina Mother Wound Healing Conduit, Founder of Healed Hijas 

Michelle is a spiritual life coach, author, speaker and conduit of the Latina Mother Wound healing path. Through her own healing journey over the span of 11 years, Michelle has integrated all the tools, methods, and resources that have helped her along the journey to healing, and make them relatable to the Latina experience. With life coaching practices, spiritual & cultural explorations, and ancestral healing rituals; Michelle helps Latina adult daughters address their own mother wounds, unlock their feminine divinity, and re-enter their lives as empowered, self-affirming, and self-healing Warrior Womxn/Guerreras.